What is ICO Crypto
ICO is an innovative, modern way of raising funds for digital projects and projects and cryptocurrencies, or launching a payment and transfer system that can be characterized as an updated crowdfunding system, as it operates through virtual currencies.

The process and concept are similar to that of an IPO (Initial Public Offering), which occurs on stock exchanges. Both the ICO and the IPO aim to raise capital, or put the asset on the market offering personal income opportunities in the pre-sale and they will serve as a supply of a product and / or service to those who acquire it, think of it as a payment gateway or transitions grant holders the right to use and obtain monetary benefits from their appreciation.

ICOS are promising revolutionaries. Take Ethereum as an example in recent years, where it is the second largest cryptocurrency traded in the world that during its ICO, ether, was traded at $ 0.10 – 0.50 cents, and today at $ 256.00 in 2020, and its platform is a mirror for other projects.

The ICO project also tends to establish a relationship between developers and their community as they give investors or users a great opportunity to trade with each other an exclusive community currency to be used in their stores as a form of payment, among others.

Blockchain Technology

Advance of high technology

Evolution of the financial system with reduced cost of fees, quick transitions between members and entities worldwide, such as its own digital bank, in addition to opening up possibilities for new Fintech platforms

Blockchain Infrastructure

Integrates blockchain technology to provide unique identities for each node.


The possibility of integrating any digital system that transits data with extreme security due to 256-bit data encryption


All banking systems worldwide seek to change the paradigm of their systems with the inclusion of Blockchain in their transitions.

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Pre-Sale & Values

Pre-sales table to create opportunities for the first investors of the project with possibilities of income from the initial phase.


10/06/2021 (00:00AM GMT) to Global

Pre sale end

10/07/2020 (00:00AM GMT)

Gateway payment

Bitcoin, Paypal, debit card and Bank transfer

Coin stock

1.000.000 BTCS

Total coins

10.000.000 BTCS

ICO End Date
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
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The Timeline

We explain below the sequence of events in chronological order, to show the goals and objectives clearly, so that the members follow, prepare and beyond contribute to the universal success of the project and everyone.


Multi Wallet iOS e Android

With latest generation apps, and android and iOS platforms.

Cryptoshop is a B2C ecommerce platform for retailers to offer their products and negotiate with BTCS, acting as a discount portal for BTCS users.Through the geolocalizer the app sends notifications with promotions from stores within a radius of up to 5KM or global search with numerous benefits, different discounts even. The application has a discount program, and multi-wallet, which can store more than one type of cryptocurrencies.With a partner program, such as people who earn up to 5% of the store’s revenue negotiated in BTCS. Settlement guarantee for commercial customers. will be made by the partner broker. with Qr code that will settle directly on the machines,The application also has a classified offer of jobs with a focus on the information technology area, of the professionals and students who are part of the Social Inclusion Digital Program BTCS


With total transparency, you need to access the core and authenticate all transitions


Bitcoin Social cryptocurrency


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